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We celebrate diverse completeness - We Thrive in our uniqueness

Hillary Primary School home page

Hillary Primary School

We celebrate diverse completeness - We Thrive in our uniqueness

Uniform Information

Expectations for school uniform

Our school’s uniform

For all elements of our uniform expectations, we are happy for pupils to wear generic items instead of the logo ones.


Expectations for uniform

  • a white polo shirt or shirt
  • maroon sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan
  • black or grey trousers or knee length skirt
  • during the Summer Term, a maroon and white dress or black or grey shorts


Expectations for pupils who choose to wear Hijab

  • only pupils in Years 5 & 6
  • grey, black or maroon in colour
  • pull on version due to health and safety reasons
  • must be removed for P.E. lessons



Expectations for P.E.

Pupils arrive at school in their P.E. clothing, which is:

  • a plain white t-shirt
  • a plain black or maroon hoodie
  • plain black shorts
  • plain black jogging bottoms
  • appropriate sports footwear (these should be different to their normal school footwear)
  • No branded sportwear will be allowed (If pupils turn up in branded sportswear, which is not school uniform P.E. kit, then parents will be called to bring the correct uniform into school.)


Expectations for swimming kit

Pupils need to bring the following items in a labelled bag

  • a full Lycra swimming costume
  • Lycra swim trunks or swim shorts (no knee length or baggy shorts)
  • a towel
  • a swimming cap


Expectations for Shoes, Bags and Coats

  • Pupils should wear plain black shoes, no high heels.
  • Pupils can bring bags to school, preferably a school book bag or a small rucksack.
  • Pupils are expected to wear a coat which is suitable for the weather. During the colder weather pupils will not be allowed to play outside if they do not have a suitable coat to wear.


Expectations for jewellery

Jewellery is not to be worn in school. The accidental pulling and catching of earrings, facial piercings, rings and necklaces during play can cause severe damage to fingers and ear lobes. Pupils will be asked to remove earrings or tape over studs during P.E if worn to school. Pupils should not wear jewellery on a P.E. day. The school cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage of items of jewellery and watches.


Expectations for Hairstyles

Pupils can style their hair in the way that is appropriate for school yet makes them feel most comfortable. Long hair must be tied back in school for reasons of health and hygiene.


Items of value

We ask parents to ensure that items of value are not brought to school. This includes expensive watches, electronic goods, mobile phones etc.


It also makes life easier for everyone, if all clothing including shoes and watches (if they have to be worn) are clearly marked with your child's name. That way, if items are misplaced and then found they can be quickly returned to their owner.


Where to purchase it

Parents/carers can purchase school uniform with a logo from

  • Crested Schoolwear – 7 Victorian Arcade, Walsall, WS1 1RE or online at
  • Clive Mark - Saddlers Shopping Centre, 1 Park Street, Walsall, WS1 1YS.

We are also happy for children to wear plain white t-shirts, maroon jumpers and maroon cardigans, which can be purchased from major supermarkets.


We would like to support families who are struggling to manage by offering help with uniforms. Second hand uniform can be purchased from the Migrant Empowerment Group who have a shop based in Walsall. Migrant Empowerment Group (MEG) is a registered charity established since July 2013 under Registration Number 1183705. The charity works within the community to support the prevention or relief of poverty among the UK’s population.

The shop address is:

19 Old Square Shopping Centre



Mobile: 0771 315 6506


Contact Name: Alvine Dongmo-Noumey



Second hand uniform will be sold at 60p per item. New items are priced at £1. 


Shop opening times:

Monday to Friday: 10am to 5pm

Saturday: 10am to 3pm

Sunday: Closed



Expectations for our school community



Pupils are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times (other than specified non-school uniform days) while:

  • On the school premises
  • Travelling to and from school
  • At out-of-school events or on trips that are organised by the school, or where they are representing the school (if required)


Pupils are also expected to contact the head teacher if they want to request an amendment to the uniform policy in relation to their protected characteristics.


Parents and carers

Parents and carers are expected to make sure their child has the correct uniform and P.E. kit, and that every item is:

  • Clean
  • Clearly labelled with the child’s name
  • In good condition


Parents are also expected to contact the head teacher if they want to request an amendment to the uniform policy in relation to:

  • Their child’s protected characteristics
  • The cost of the uniform


Parents are expected to lodge any complaints or objections relating to the school uniform in a timely and reasonable manner.


Disputes about the cost of the school uniform will be:

  • Resolved locally
  • Dealt with in accordance with our school’s complaints policy


The school will work closely with parents to arrive at a mutually acceptable outcome.



Staff will closely monitor pupils to make sure they are in correct uniform. They will give any pupils and families breaching the uniform policy the opportunity to comply but will follow up with the Assistant headteacher if the situation doesn’t improve.


Ongoing breaches of our uniform policy will be dealt with by Mrs Wilkes. She will:

  1. In the first instance, meet with the pupil and ascertain reasons why the pupil is not wearing uniform and where we can support with uniform.
  2. If breaches persist, meet with the parents (phone call) and discuss potential reasons why the family are not complying with the policy. The importance of school uniform and appropriate parts of the school policy will be shared.
  3. If there is no improvement and no genuine reason given such as financial hardship, she will have a face-to-face meeting with the parents. In cases where it is suspected that financial hardship has resulted in a pupil not complying with this uniform policy, staff will take a mindful and considerate approach to resolving the situation.