Reading in School

In Early Years and KS1 children follow the Ruth Miskin Literacy program (RML). This allows the children to become expressive and fluent readers as early as possible. The school library has a huge selection and variety of books available for staff and pupils to take home and use to support their learning. A wide range of subjects are covered and are used effectively by the children. As children progress through the school they are encouraged to take increasing responsibility for the maintenance of the library. Visits are also made to our local libraries to foster links and encourage membership.

RML teaches synthetic phonics

Children will learn all the common phonic sounds that are used in the English language for reading. They will learn how to sound blend these words and then read books that have these blends in them. The more sound blends they learn the bigger the range of books they will be able to use.

The RML story books give a strong link between reading and writing and so this also improves children's writing skills.

Year 1 Phonics screening check information, click here to find out more.

If you would like to know how you can help your child at home please ask your Childs teacher.

Do you listen to your child read?

Please try to fill in their Reading Record

1.   Write the date.
2.   Note the pages you hear your child read (it might not be the whole book).
3.   Write in the last column what you thought about your child's reading, for example, "______ really enjoyed reading today", "______ tried hard to sound out his words", "Lovely reading today", "_______ read with great expression today".


2.Book and page number 3. Remarks

Also have a look at the Pleck library
Click this picture below to go to the website and help your child further with his/her reading.