The Arts and Hillary Primary School

Hillary Primary School ensures that the Art forms (Art and crafts, Music, Drama, Dance) are taught as a unique and diverse language. Art forms used in school make a significant contribution to the quality of learning and has a supportive cross-curricular role. We aim to help children explore the world at first hand, using all of their senses and through experimentation, art therefore underpins all we do to raise attainment in teaching and learning.

Clubs are held for the art forms including: drama, Forest Arts drumming, woodwind, Mandarin, ICT, street dance, art and choir. The choir take part in a sing up competition yearly. Children share performances, songs and instrument playing as part of whole school/key stage assemblies, where parents and governors are invited.

Parents, governors and visitors to the school are informed about the range, nature and quality of work through the use of displays. Displays are used to celebrate achievement from a range of pupil's, indicating standards of achievement, values and high expectations. They serve to improve the quality of the environment of the school. A central display unit is used to hold work from a given year group based on their Art and Design projects. The cabinet is displayed close to the main school entrance to share standards of achievement in the Arts with visitors. Through displays we hope to encourage care and respect for each other's work. Pupils work is also shared on this page displaying 'Artist of the week'.

Pupils' work can also be exhibited at The New Art Gallery Walsall (TNAGW) as the school has worked hard to forge links with them, and in order for this resource to be utilised fully, each class visits TNAGW at least once a year. Activities are devised to personalize learning for our pupils based on consultation with the Arts co-ordinator and year group teachers, then fed back to the Education Curator at TNAGW. In order to offer specialist support, artists work with staff and pupils, raising the profile of art and building links between education and the community.

In order for the Arts to be inclusive of everyone we ensure that a range of artists are studied. Children are given opportunities to explore artists and to engage with a range of cultures.