Vision Statement


Our vision is to create a respectful, happy, safe and stimulating learning environment where children are nurtured to thrive intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually.


Key Value


Our key value RESPECT
Respect for ourselves, our school, its community, and our environment.

At Hillary Primary School:-
Everyone is recognised as an individual
Everyone and everything is valued and appreciated
Diversity is embraced and celebrated
Learning is at the heart of all we do.
We are all learners and understand that education can change our lives.


Below is a list of the aims that the school has prioritised for achieving our vision.

School Aims 
1. Pupils’ Progress - Achievement and Standards     We want to create a school:
•  Which has high standards of achievement
•  In which all lessons taught are good or better

•  Where a clear emphasis is placed on Reading,

   Writing and Numeracy

•   Which prepares children for the next stage of

    their education

•  Which challenges our children to achieve their

   full potential

•  In which progress is celebrated

2. Pupils’ Personal Development and

Well Being






   We want to create a school in which children:
•  Are happy, valued and safe
•  Are independent in their learning
•  Develop the enthusiasm to become lifelong learners

•  Promote respect for themselves, others and

   the environment

•  Develop enquiring minds and a spirit of curiosity
3. Quality of Provision    We aim to create a school:

•  Which makes the most of the local environment

   in children’s learning

•  Where staff are committed to their own learning

   journey and the sharing of quality practice

•  Which achieves value for money

•  Which provides training/career progression for

   other professionals

4. Leadership & Management   We aim to create a school:  
•  Which has excellent Leadership & Management
•  Which nurtures and creates leaders at all levels
•  Which communicates effectively with stakeholders
5. Hillary Primary is unique because   We aim to create a school which will:  
•  Place the emphasis on the joy of learning in it many forms
•  Place a strong emphasis on music, sport, art and drama

•  Encourage children, staff, parents and local community

   to work together as a team

•  Embrace technology